AlphaDUR Mini UCI Portable Hardness Tester

The AlphaDUR mini portable hardness tester is a small and handy variant of the AlphaDUR which has been successfully used in hardness testing for many years, this technology is identical and the accessories are compatible to the AlphaDUR mini.

 The operation of the AlphaDUR mini is very easy with all the information shown on the large color display.

 Hardness scale and material can quickly be changed by special preset keys.  

Measurements can be done fast and accurately using a UCI measurement method, simply apply pressure to the diamond tip probe and the reading is instant.

Portable Hardness Tester


  • Incoming goods inspections
  • Heat affected zone
  • Hardness testing of metals in productionTesting of machine parts, weld seams, coatings and hardened parts, even at difficult to access locations and at any angle
  • Minimum sample thickness approximately 4 – 6 mm (.157 – .236″)


  • Instant Hardness Reading
  • Measuring method according to DIN 50159 and ASTM A1038
  • Robust metal casing
  • Large color LCD display
  • Extensive storage and statistical functions
  • USB Interface

AlphaDur Mini Contains:

  • Basic device with built-in-Li-ion battery
  • USB Cable
  • USB Charging adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • manufacturer’s certificate
  • Instruction manual

Optional Accessories:

  • Probe support for flat and curved surfaces
  • High precision stand
  • Probe handle
  • Portable Mini Printer
  • Special Probe SL for measurements at locations difficult to access
  • Hardness test blocks with certificate

UCI/Dynamic Hardness Tester Series 6000

Non-Destructive Hardness Testing.

Portable Hardness Tester Portable Hardness Tester Portable Hardness Tester

The 6000 Series Non-Destructive hand held portable hardness tester combines UCI and Leeb portable hardness testing in one state of the art device.  

You can test steel with a minimum thickness of .08” and unlimited max thickness (Other materials may have larger minimum thickness levels, depending on hardness).

  • Fast test results
  • Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness test conversions shown on display
  • Large Memory w/USB Output
  • Choice of manual UCI probes; 1kg, 2kg, 5kg & 10kg
  • Optional Motorized Probes: .30kg, .80kg, & 1kgf
  • Available Impact Devices(Leeb) D, DC, D+15, G & DL