Dakota Ultrasonics is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial ultrasonic testing equipment for the petrochemical, aerospace, power generation, automotive, and other related industries.

Dakota Ultrasonics MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Dakota Ultrasonics MVX is an A-Scan thickness gauge which comes equipped with a Data Logger, Thru paint mode and B-Scan.

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Dakota Ultrasonics CMX Utrasonic Thickness Gauge

 Dakota Ultrasonics CMX measures material and coating thickness simultaneously, while still detecting pits & flaws in a single mode (PECT). Auto-probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation are also included. 

Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL v2.0 has all the features of the CMX, plus a large 4 Gb storage capacity using multiple file structures, and graphic’s capture feature for quick documentation in (.tif) file format. Select between to file formats: Sequential (w/ auto identifiers), or standard alphanumeric grid format for data reporting.

Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The CMX DL+ gauges have all the features of the basic CMX models, plus a full-featured A-Scan presentation with RF and Rectified viewing options.

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