Intrinsically Safe Tablet

Agile X

Intrinsically safe tablet

The BARTEC Agile X is not only the thinnest but also the most agile industrialized tablet PC ever made. Purpose-built for enterprise use in rugged environments, this UL- and ATEX-certified device can be accessorized via an expansion port to support many applications. The Agile X also utilizes real-time data connectivity to bring the office to the Ex area. Therefore the Agile X is the perfect device for technicians, engineers, and managers in the field.

The Agile X is an enterprise-ready device featuring Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro. It utilizes the powerful yet efficient Intel BayTrail-M Quad-core Processor to provide extended battery life. And if you plan a long day in the field, you can hot-swap to a second battery without a tool. Take worksite photos, scan barcodes, read RFIDs or confirm work site locations using GPS. All is possible with the Agile X.


  • Oil & gas plants
  • Midstream & pipelines
  • Field services companies
  • Petrochemical plants


  • Military-spec ruggedness
  • Wide operating temp range
  • Front & rear cameras
  • Integrated barcode scanner


  • Remotely access data
  • Enable mobility
  • Optimize workflows
  • Increase safety


  • Brilliant 10.1” touch screen
  • Windows Embedded 8.1
  • Intel BayTrail Processor
  • Full shift battery life

Global certification

BARTEC is a specialist in global Ex certification. The Agile X is currently certified with UL Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 certifications and BARTEC will quickly obtain certifications for all major markets. If you have an additional Ex certification requirement for the Agile X, BARTEC will gladly arrange this for your organization.

Modular, flexible and future-proofed

Global enterprises need global solutions that do not get outdated the minute they are deployed. This means equally meeting the needs of technicians as well as managers. It also means having solutions that can be customized to meet evolving data capture requirements. Manage it all with the Agile X and its rear-mounted expansion port. We will work with you to customize and accessorize the device to meet a wide variety of applications. Conditions may apply.

Secure for the enterprise

A hacked or stolen device is a very serious issue for any enterprise. With Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro and a Trusted Platform Module, you can completely lock down the Agile X to avoid, for example, registry alteration or USB devices addition. The Agile X also features Kensington lock slot. If the device is stolen, Computrace® theft protection can track and return your device.

Warranty & service options

The Agile X comes standard with 3 years warranty to cover manufacture defects. The warranty can also be supplemented with a service option. The Service COMFORT package fixes inspection turnaround time and costs. The Service ALL-IN package provides further coverage and includes part replacement for accidental breakage or normal wear and tear.

The Agile X has been designed to meet the requirements of technicians, engineers, and managers working in hazardous areas. These individuals need to move seamlessly from the office to the field, locate worksites, capture data and connect directly back into corporate systems. Every detail has been considered to meet exactly these needs.

Easily integrate with the enterprise

The device leverages the full power of Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry, the ultimate industry-ready enterprise-level operating system. Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry has all the power of Windows 8.1 Pro but with added security features such as device lockdown and embedded activation that allows for one product key to be used on multiple devices. The office dock also creates a seamless transition from the office to the field.

Capture data around the clock

BARTEC has optimized the Agile X for maximum efficacy. It includes a 5MP rear camera for worksite capture, 2MP front-side camera for video calling and optional integrated barcode reader. The Agile X also features a rear-side expansion slot and Bluetooth 4.0, allowing the tablet to be extended with custom-designed sensors. It also provides full-shift support battery life (tested 8 hours with Mobile Mark 2007) and the option of tool-less hot-swap to a new battery.

Remotely access corporate systems

Workers in the field increasingly want access to corporate information and systems. Wireless LAN and optional LTE modules on the Agile X provide the real-time data transfer and uninterrupted connectivity that field workers need. The tablet naturally also supports connection to Exchange Servers allowing the workers to access their email and calendars.

Navigate to & confirm worksites

With millions of kilometers of oil and gas pipes globally and plants that can be thousands of acres in size, just finding the right worksite can be a task in itself. The Agile X features a GPS with accuracy down to 2.5m and vehicle mounts for in-car navigation. Finding and confirming the worksite location is now made easy.

Avoid the need for printouts

Bring to life presentations, schematics, applications and instructional videos. With it’s huge 10.1” 1920 x 1200 LED high resolution, 700 nits high-brightness display, the Agile X provides perfect viewing for all light conditions. The minimum 4-point Multi-touch Projected Capacitive Touch technology allows users to switch windows, take snapshots, zoom in and rotate easily to take full advance of Windows® Embedded 8.1 touch interface.

Put safety first in the field

Keep those gloves on! With an easy-to-use cord-secured stylus and hand straps, you can safely use the Agile X. A device-mounted shoulder strap also allows you to climb through the plant with both hands-free. Ensure no one is left behind with GPS to easily track those in the field and video calling to visually check all is okay.