Mistras Valve Squeak Intrinsically Safe

Mistras Valve Squeak

Mistras Valve Squeak - Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.

Mistras Valve Squeak designed for operations and maintenance personnel to perform frequent valve checks, Valve-Squeak™ is an easy-to-use, pocket-sized through-valve loss detection system. The system isolates leaks of any size and in any valve – saving you thousands, if not millions of dollars – by indicating “no leak” with a green light or yellow LED bar graph showing a range of small to very large. Once a leak is detected, a VPAC™II or VPAC™ can be used to quantify. The high value of Valve-Squeak means it’s possible to have many units in a facility to help a single VPAC™II operator maximize time and resources by quickly identifying and targeting leaking valves for further inspection.


FIND LOSSES BEFORE THEY GROW Simple Operation. A green light shows a “no leak” and a yellow LED bar graph shows a leak range of “small” to “very large”. Once a leak is identified, your VPAC™ unit can be used for quantification. Valve-Squeak has high noise and vibration immunity and is Intrinsically Safe for use in hazardous, gaseous environments that require Class I, Div 1, IIC, T4 (currently only meeting US certifications).

• The valve leak still needs to be verified and quantified by a VPAC system and operator.

• To keep the Valve-Squeak cost low, it contains simplified electronics.

• With the low cost of the Valve-Squeak it’s possible to have many units in a refinery or plant to help the single VPAC operator locate potential loss.

• VPAC operators are still needed to quantify/ measure CFM or GPM.


• Locates leaks in valves including PSV, RV, CV and all others

• Used worldwide in refineries, chemical plants and offshore platforms

• Realizes plant savings ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000/year when combined with a VPAC/5131 leak detection system (even leaks in a small valve can result in significant losses)

• ROI is in the first use

• Identifies losses rapidly

• Eliminates excessive flaring

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