Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge-Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.When pinpoint accuracy is the key, the variety of features offered in the PX-7 precision ultrasonic thickness gauge allows users to measure with precision.

The PX-7 series of ultrasonic precision thickness gauges have ThruPaint™ technology allowing you to accurately measure the thickness of thin substrates.These handheld ultrasonic gauges are typically used for thin material applications. This precision gauge also has the ability to calibrate to a variety of different materials using the one point calibration option.

Some of the features include: High speed scan mode (allowing the user to scan an area for the minimum thickness), limit alarm mode enabling users to set the allowable thickness limits and differential mode which displays the thickness variation (+/-) to a user defined nominal thickness.



  • 0.001mm high resolution
  • Minimal thickness alarm
  • Internal data-logging
  • Data output and storage
  • Interface to Echo, Echo-to-Echo (ThruPaint™) and Auto-Switchable
  • Four readings per second for single point measurements or 8 per second in Scan Mode captures the minimum thickness
  • Single point calibration
  • Differential mode


Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge | Advantage NDT SuppliesPVX-B (basic) is a digital precision thickness gauge that offers a number of features, transducer options, and a large alpha-numeric data logger to provide versatility for a number of application scenarios. The high-speed scan feature speeds up the inspection process by taking 32 measurements per second and reporting the minimum reading scanned when the transducer has been removed from the test material. The visual and audible alarm with hi and lo limit settings for specific application tolerances. The time-based B-Scan feature provides a cross-section view of the opposite material surface. PVX-B comes complete with our Windows® PC software for transferring data to and from a PC.






  • 150-volt square wave pulser
  • AGC gain control for multiple echo & thru-paint measurement
  • Multiple calibration options
  • 1-Point, 2-Point, or selection from a Material List
  • 18 factory setups and 46 user-defined setups
  • Adjustable resolution setting, user selectable
  • ±0.001in (±0.01mm) or ±0.0001in (±0.001mm)
  • Memory for 12,000 readings and waveforms
  • 16 megabit non-volatile RAM

Visual and audible alarm with Hi/Lo limit settings