Powder Ultrasonic Couplant

Powder ultrasonic couplant is easily mixed in cold water in five minutes and is ideal for travel, remote access test sites and significantly reduced shipping costs.


Ultrasonic Couplant-Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.

  • Provides a strong, continuous coupling film reduces transducer wear and adheres well to vertical and Corrosion inhibition: Contains mild short-term Ferrous overhead surfaces without dripping.
  • Reduced surface tension provides good wetting characteristics.
  • Salt resistant formulation. No loss in viscosity on corroded surfaces, marine parts or on boilers with salt cake.
  • Contains no formaldehyde. No strong odour or eye irritant from off-gassing.
  • Low environmental impact. No phosphates.
  • Compact for shipping and storage.
  • Easy mixing, fast gel time in ambient temperature water (5 minutes to the final product).
  • Packaging: 1 and 5 gallons easy to open and easy to use powder packets.
  • Corrosion inhibition: Contains mild short term Ferrous Corrosion Inhibitors.

Ambient Temperature Couplant


Ultrasonic Couplant-Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.

UltraSoniX™ is a high-performance ultrasonic couplant for flaw inspection and thickness gauging that is compatible with most materials, has excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition and is formaldehyde and glycol ether free.

  • High viscosity couplant remains in place on vertical and overhead surfaces.  Medium viscosity for spreading, while still remaining in place on vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • 10°F to 220°F (-12°C to 104.4°C) temperature range for most flaw detection and thickness gauging applications.
  • Better multi-metal corrosion inhibition than most UT couplants.
  • Slow drying for extended inspection time.
  • Reduced surface tension provides fast wetting.
  • Contains no glycerin which can interfere with the subsequent penetrant inspection.
  • Water soluble: easier to remove than most ultrasonic couplants by wet or dry wiping or water wash.
  • Environment and operator friendly – no formaldehyde, nitrates, nitrites or glycol ethers.
  • Lower residue than most UT couplants.
  • Safety: No formaldehyde, nitrates, nitrites or glycol ethers.
  • Removal: Wipe with wet or dry paper or cloth rag or water wash.


Ultrasonic Couplant-Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.
 EchoPure is an ideal couplant for very cold inspection (liquid gas piping and refrigerant lines) and will not frost or attenuate at temperatures as low as -60°F. EchoPure is excellent for high-temperature use such as warm welds up to 350°F and on a pipe in the desert summer sun, where slow evaporation and long inspection windows are desired. With its low toxicity, EchoPure is a good choice for inspection in food processing plants.EchoPure is a water-free, water-soluble ultrasonic couplant that has a broad operating range is slow drying and provides excellent transducer lubrication. It is low toxicity and environmentally friendly.

  • Operating range: -60 to 350°F (-51 to 177°C)
  • Four viscosities: fluid, low, medium and high
  • Environment and operator friendly: no formaldehyde, phosphates, silicones, fragrances, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, azoles, antimicrobials or fungicides
  • Safe: all ingredients are approved for incidental food contact
  • Slow drying: extended drying time
  • Water soluble
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Compatible with most metals, composites and plastics
  • Mild ferrous corrosion inhibition less corrosive than water alone
  • Removal: Wipe with a rag or water

High Temperature Couplant

Ultrasonic Couplant-Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.


VersaSonic® has an operating range of -10 to 700°F (-23 to 371°C).

Plant-based, low toxicity, biodegradable couplant in two viscosities with a broad high to a low operating range.

  • High-temperature coupling for flaw inspection and thickness gauging.
  • Ambient and low-temperature coupling where corrosion inhibition is critical.

Instantaneous ultrasonic response (does not contain plastic powders which delay ultrasonic conduction). Excellent corrosion inhibitor. Provides non-toxic, superior, long-term corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and is compatible with other metals and most plastics. VersaSonic may be left in place unless it will interfere with subsequent manufacturing operations such as painting or electroplating.

Low smoke and odour at elevated temperatures.

No plastic powder char remaining after inspection.

Low environmental impact. Contains no perfluorocarbons, silicones, peanut or tree nut oils.

Available in two viscosities:

  • HV: High viscosity – remains in place on surfaces and transducers
  • MV: Medium viscosity – spreadable, can be bushed onto surfaces

Removal: wipe with paper or cloth rag. If complete removal is required, dish detergent and water or a chemical degreaser can be used.