Dakota Ultrasonics is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial ultrasonic testing equipment for the petrochemical, aerospace, power generation, automotive, and other related industries. If you have any questions, need technical support or have a request for custom items please call or email

Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The ZX-1 is preset for one material velocity (Steel).  

Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-2 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The ZX-2 has 8 preset material velocities.

Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The ZX-3 is the most popular, this gauge can be calibrated to any substrate.

Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-5 DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Same features of the ZX-3 but with a data logger.

Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-6 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The ZX-6 has all the features of the previous gauges with the addition of Echo-Echo mode, this feature allows the gauge to ignore paint coatings and only read parent material thickness.  It is also available with a Data Logger.